[xquery-talk] How about an inexpensive Ln uis Vub tton bdg?

Gertrude Elkins jhunter at x-query.com
Thu Mar 27 15:25:12 PST 2008

Have you seen the latest Gup ci hardbygs, from their 2008 colln ction?
They’re so beautiful and stylish... and so expp nsive! But I just found this sta re, Presh ige
Repc icas, that offers them at just a fraction of their ch st. Granted, they’re reu licas,
but they look just like the real deal, and the pi ices are so lbw, that now you can have not just one
Gp cci bug, but two or three of them! The best part is that at Presr ige Replh cas
they have such a wide collo ction, organized by styles, that you’ll feel like a kid in a candy stm re!
Seriously, if you love Gm cci bygs, you will adore Prestp ge Replit as!

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