[xquery-talk] Force a query to pause each time through a for loop?

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Mon Mar 31 06:18:34 PST 2008

If there is a way of doing this, then it will be entirely
processor-dependent, so you should ask on the relevant list for the product
you are using. I would have thought you ought to be looking for ways to
change that timeout value (which will also be product-dependent).

Remember that for/FLWOR is not a loop, it is a mapping expression. There is
no guarantee that the items in the input will be processed one at a time, in
sequence. XQuery 1.0 is a declarative language.

Michael Kay

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> through a for loop?
> Is there a way I can make an XQuery statement wait ... 
> something like 10 seconds ... each time through a for loop?
> I have a statement written to hit an admin system, extract a 
> value, and then do something with that value.  It's a 
> one-time query I'm running to set some values, so it's not as 
> if an end user will experience this type of performance.
> I have a fair number of documents to work with and what I'm 
> trying to do is processor intensive, so my query keeps timing out.
> Thanks for any help,
> Matt
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