[xquery-talk] [announce] Stylus Studio 2008 Release 2: New XQuery Tools

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Tue May 6 14:48:43 PDT 2008

[Announce] Dear XQuery-Talk,

Stylus Studio 2008 Release 2 is now available.The following highlights
some of the new features included in our award-winning XML tools:

* Convert New EDI Formats to XML: Stylus Studio now supports the
Edig at s EDI dialect. With a new Edig at s to XML Schema wizard, as well as
support for the IATA 07.1 revision and numerous other formats
including EANCOM, X12, and HL7, the Stylus Studio product's EDI to XML
conversion tools are among the most comprehensive available today.
* Java and C# for .NET Code Generation: Code generation has numerous
improvements in Stylus Studio, including enhanced support for the
Microsoft .NET processor and new support for the Saxonica Saxon .NET
Processor when generating C# code for .NET. Deploying XQuery, XSLT,
and XML Pipelines across multiple platforms has never been easier.
* Microsoft Visual Studio Project Support: Stylus Studio can
automatically create or update a Microsoft Visual Studio project to
include the C# for .NET class for the XQuery, XSLT, or XML Pipeline
for which you are generating code.
* Enhanced Scalability and Performance: The new release leverages
enhanced optimization techniques including streaming,  to further
improve application performance and scalability when accessing and
converting multiple, large data sources including relational databases
and flat files.
* Support for Standard Java XML Processing API: New support for
industry-standard XML processing APIs in the generated Java code.
* Usability and Performance Enhancements: Various enhancements to the
XML Editor, XQuery Mapper, XML Pipeline Designer, and XML Schema

Download a free trial at: http://www.stylusstudio.com/xml_download.html
Purchase online at: http://www.stylusstudio.com/buy/


The Stylus Studio Team

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