[xquery-talk] [announce] XQDT: an XQuery Eclipse plugin, first release

Mukul Gandhi gandhi.mukul at gmail.com
Sat May 10 22:23:30 PDT 2008

I installed the eclipse plugin mentioned. It's cool ...

Following is my first XQuery program with this tool, which worked:

    for $person in doc("../Data/test.xml")/people/person
    return $person/fname

I have a question ...

In the above program, I have specified the path to the XML file as,
../Data/test.xml which works. 'Data' is the directory which the create
project wizard recommends.

But if I specify the expression as, doc("test.xml") etc., I get error:
File 'test.xml' does not exist. In the project properties, I specify
the data directory as, testxq\Data, which generates following
defaultDataDirectory=testxq\\Data in the file, org.xqdt.core.prefs. Is
this usage wrong?

On 5/10/08, Daniela Florescu <dflorescu at mac.com> wrote:
> We are pleased to announce the first release of the XQDT Eclipse plugin
> XQuery Development Toolkit.
> http://www.xqdt.org/
> XQDT provides the following features:
> Adheres to W3C standards, i.e. XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 and XQuery Update
> Facility 1.0.
> Code highlighting based on semantic analysis.
> As-you-type validation.
> Code completion & code templates.
> Launching and debugging capabilities for Zorba and MXQuery.
> For any questions about the XQDT Eclipse plugin, contact us at
> "eclipse-plugin at xqdt.org".
> Best regards,
> Dana Florescu, on behalf of the XQDT Team

Mukul Gandhi

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