[xquery-talk] Re: get highest number

Pierrick Brihaye pierrick.brihaye at free.fr
Sat May 17 12:44:54 PDT 2008

Andrew Welch a écrit :

> If //@id returns a sequence that's stored as atomics, why is
> max(//@id) any different to max(1 to 100000) ?

> What am I missing?

The fact that //@id is indexed in the database, not (1 to 10000), which 
is computed dynamically.

I remind that max() still can not use the index in eXist. That's why it 
is much slower than expected compared to (some) other usages of //@id.

Well, using an obvious shortcut for max(1 to 100000) might also be 
considered in the future :-)



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