[xquery-talk] Whitespace problem in CSV-like output

Yves Forkl Y.Forkl at srz.de
Mon Oct 20 13:08:39 PDT 2008

Ivan Pedruzzi wrote:

> DataDirect XQuery allows to pipe a CSV converter among others.
> In this particular example the input document has a perfect structure 
> and can be directly piped.
> declare option ddtek:serialize "method=CSV:root=list:row=entry";

Thank you very much for this hint.

However, I am not just copying row-type elements from the input file, 
but rather summing up the values found in the "quantity" children of the 
entries, after grouping them by the content of "property1" and 
"property2" (see the first message in this thread).

I wonder how I could perform this task using the above approach.


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