[xquery-talk] Changing the content of an XML document

Piewald, Georg georg.piewald at siemens.com
Tue Sep 2 09:57:12 PDT 2008

Another beginner's question:

In my application, the client requests an XML document from the server.
Since the document is rather big (and there are actually a few different
ones), I'd like to keep it as a separate file on the server (not part of
the Xquery file). This means, in the script I load the XML file into a
local variable using the doc() function and return the result to the

But now, occationally some of the content of the file has to be altered.
Is there any possiblility to do this except placing the entire file
inside the script?

Thanks for answers,

PS: I'm using eXist Database 1.2.4

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