[xquery-talk] Changing the content of an XML document

John Snelson john.snelson at oracle.com
Tue Sep 2 13:17:15 PDT 2008

Andrew Welch wrote:
>> The identity transform will work, and is essentially the same as the
>> transformation function that Wolfgang suggests. However I think a transform
>> expression is easier to understand
> The XSLT 2.0 identity transform is perhaps a little more intuitive:
> <snip>
> XQuery and XSLT should compliment each other - and the task of
> modifying sections of a single document in a single pass is definitely
> a job for XSLT.

I disagree. As in this case I see lot of people saying "I want to change 
X in this document", and XQuery Update's transform expression gives them 
a way to write "change X".

Doing the same in XSLT requires an understanding of how the identity 
transform will copy an entire document, and how you can introduce 
exceptions to what is copied. That's at least one level of abstraction 
away from the user's requirements.


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