[xquery-talk] FLOR or FLWOR

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
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There are some cases where using a predicate may be inconvenient, but it is
always possible. This query is equivalent to 
distinct-values($values)[let $v := . return count($values[. = $v] > 2]
or if you prefer (or if you are restricted to XPath 2.0 syntax)
distinct-values($values)[exists(index-of($values, .))[3]]
Michael Kay


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I do have an example. Correct ?

for $v in distinct-values($values) where count($values[. = $v]) > 2 return


On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 11:02 AM, <timothymarc at freenet.de> wrote:

Hey Rob,

i have had a situation in where the XPath predicate selection does not fit
my requirements. I think it was something concerning a query, that combines
to sequences, but i'm not sure. It is a long time ago and i can't find the

But the where is essential in some case. But you're right, most of the
selections can be done with XPath.

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> Hi,

> Where would you use 'where' that couldn't be handled by XPath? In
> other words, why is there a where?

> best,
> -Rob

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