[xquery-talk] Get collection context in XQuery

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Fri Feb 6 11:49:33 PST 2009

The meaning of a collection URI varies from one implementation to another,
but you are only allowed one collection URI as the argument.
I think you want
for $uri in ("A", "B")
for $doc in collection($uri)
where ....
return document-uri($doc)
Michael Kay


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I'm a newbie in XQuery and i appreciate a answer to this doubt.

I store several XML documents in a Native XML Database (eXist).
In my organisation i have several collections with several XML files that
share the same structure. The following structure defines 2 collections A
and B. The collection A have 2 XML files and the collection B one. 

  - 1.xml
  - 2.xml
  - 3.xml 

I have his XQuery file:

FOR $x in collection("A","B")


If, for example, only the 2.xml and 3.xml were evaluate for TRUE in the
WHERE clause, i want to obtain the following XML data:


What should i put in the RETURN clause?

I can also have collections inside other collections...

Thanks in advance

Ricardo Queirós

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