[xquery-talk] Xanadu

Daniela Florescu dflorescu at mac.com
Sun Feb 15 16:00:27 PST 2009

> The strangest thing of all, however, was that programmers, even  
> brilliant ones, accepted that state of affairs calmly, without  
> protest, just wrote their programs, some of which were pretty  
> complex and some of which were pretty reliable.

Note to everybody that tries to improve programmer's productivity:  
yes, as strange as it might sound,
programmers are in general happy with what they have, and they don't  
ask for something better.

It will never fail to surprise me, but at least in my experience, this  
seems to be unfortunately true.

XQuery is sometimes a striking example of this. Certain things can be  
done SO much better, faster and cheaper
with XQuery, yet many people prefer to do with their good old ways  
(DOM, Javascript, SQLX, PhP, whatever)
rather then reading this new, long spec.

Best regards

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