[xquery-talk] Linking Saxon through to exist database

Wolfgang wolfgang at exist-db.org
Sat Jan 24 13:06:04 PST 2009

> I've installed exist and using it's sandbox its working fine.

Since this is a product specific question, it should probably be 
discussed on the eXist mailing list. Anyway ...

> Can I connect a query to that database and use
> Saxon for the query engine?
> http://localhost:8080/exist  is the http endpoint.
> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/XQuery/Searching_multiple_collections
> shows using let $col-a := '/db/test/a'
> which is clearly incorrect for the file protocol?

You can access documents via HTTP using e.g.


Using this link within e.g. an XSLT will be ok (though not efficient for 
larger docs). BUT: collections are a different matter since different 
XQuery implementations use different concepts of what consitutes a 


returns an XML fragment listing the collection contents. If you really 
need to, you could pre-process that somehow to include all collection 
member documents. But as I said, it might not be very efficient.


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