[xquery-talk] XQuery and databases - XQuery 2.0

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Tue Jun 9 17:02:16 PDT 2009

> I just read that the XQuery 1.1. specification exists (ok, it 
> is "just" a working draft), but is not (really) used today.

Yes, it's still under development. Various vendors have implemented various
parts of it even though it is still a draft.
> And I also read that there are "insufficient resources to 
> continue development of the Static Typing feature".
> What does that mean ?

We stated in the status section of the current draft "The WG remains
concerned that there are insufficient resources to continue development of
the Static Typing feature". This was essentially a warning to the community:
come and help us with this feature, or we will have to drop it. I think it
is very likely that the decision to drop the feature will indeed be

> Is there no more development for XQuery at all ?

No, the Static Typing Feature is an optional feature of the language, and
not many implementations provide it. If it is dropped, most users won't
notice the difference.

> I am still not able to run this :
> let $path :=doc('http://localhost:8080/exist/rest/db/myConfig.xml')
> return
> <test>
> {
> $path
> }
> </test>
> -> java.io.FileNotFoundException: 
> -> http://localhost:8080/exist/rest/db/myConfig.xml
> I run the XQuery with java/saxon. The file is imported into 
> the eXist databse. It can be retrieved with using the path in 
> my browser...
> What is the mistake ?
I don't know, offhand. I assume you are running everything on the same
machine? It may be something to do with your Java proxy configuration?


Michael Kay

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