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I'm a new member of the talk list and am uncertain that my question is
appropriate. Please ignore if it is off topic.

Can anyone comment on the possibility that xquery could be used as a
data integration/mashup tool running in a browser that included a web
server? There's been quite a bit of excitement the past couple days
about the Opera Unite announcement of its "web server in a web
browser" concept. Is it possible that xquery, as a
query/integration/transformation tool, might someday be a plugin to a
browser (eg, Chrome; Chrome/Wave)?

I'm asking out of ignorance more than anything. The dots seem to be
there for the connecting, but I guess that's what I'm asking ... are
the dots there, are they likely to be connected, or is it just wishful

 Just so you have some orientation as to where this question is coming
from. I'm basically a data user ... someone who uses tools like SQL
and XQuery and R to do analysis with data. In the course of doing
this, I've stretched into the IT side of things and designed
enterprise data warehouses etc. So my interest in
xquery-in-a-web-server-browser is so I can do cool things with data.
I'm not interested in actually creating an xquery plugin that would
make this possible. I wouldn't even know how to start.


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