[xquery-talk] recurrency

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Tue Mar 10 22:07:36 PST 2009

> I wrote functions for going depper and deeper in the definition. Can it be
> simplified?

probably, but what output do you want from the posted input?

looking at your code
    let $processed := replace(data($node1), ' \(.*\)' , '')
this appears to be  substring-after($node1,' ') but none of your text
nodes (other than indentation white space have a space?

    let $res := testXML/$sys//node-name[data(name) = $processed]
is the same as
    let $res := $sys//node-name[data(name) = $processed]
as if you use a node sequence on the right hand side of / the left hand
side argumemt of / isn't used at all, all that happens is that 
the nodes on the right hand side are sorted into document order and
duplicates removed.
testXML/$sys is $sys/.


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