[xquery-talk] Implementation practices regarding ordering

G. Ken Holman gkholman at CraneSoftwrights.com
Mon Mar 16 08:30:49 PST 2009

In my post earlier to Howard regarding his requirement for preserving 
document order, I talked about the difference between:

   for $each in library/book
       order by $each/@pubYear descending
         return $each

... and ...

declare ordering ordered;
   for $each in library/book
       stable order by $each/@pubYear descending
         return $each

... where the second is portable across all implementations and the 
first only when the implementation-defined values for ordering in 
both the separate default mode and FLWOR expression are implemented as ordered.

I'm starting my 5-day hands-on XQuery/XSLT class this morning in 
Prague in advance of the http://XMLPrague.cz conference, and I would 
like to tell students about implementation practices.  I'm running 
the same class in the Los Angeles area June 8-12.

Which of the publicly-announced implementations of XQuery do not 
assume document order when using location path addresses to get nodes 
from the source node tree?

Thanks for sharing!

. . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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