[xquery-talk] Help Understanding the XQJ Model

Michael Rys mrys at microsoft.com
Tue Mar 24 11:33:29 PST 2009

The operator tree is an internal representation (left to the implementation-internals) of the logical and/or physical operations that are used to execute the query expression. Similar to the operators you see in other language compilation examples (be it byte codes, or relational operators inside a database).

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I was wondering how do the Data Model instances (XDM, infoset, DOM) also known as trees (listed as DM4 in the XQJ Specification diagram "Processing Model overview") differ from the "Operation Tree" (identified as SQ5) and how do they interact ?

I am right in thinking the operation tree is purely instructional albeit with information resolved from the context whereas the data model contains actual data ?

How have the operation trees differed across Xquery implementations ? Do they relate at all to the classic Binary Search Tree  (i.e go either left or right) ?


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