[xquery-talk] [ANN] XQuery as a scripting language in IE

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Fri Mar 27 10:49:59 PST 2009

 > Because a recommendation needs a long time to be published, as soon as I
will write my own XRX application, I will add to my XML script engine "tXs"
(something in between XProc and the XSLT machine shown at XML Prague) my own
XML notation for XQuery. I will publish it then...
Perhaps this should be a project for EXQuery. I suspect your chances of
getting everyone to accept your design are much better if you have a forum
for consultation rather than trying to present it as a fait accompli - even
if you do a magnificent job of the design, other people might have different
use cases.
I think there are three possible styles of XML representation:
(a) one that looks as much as possible like current human-readable XQuery.
This is largely a question of changing the rules for escaping of special
characters such as the "<" and "<<" operators, and preventing people writing
non-XML things like <e att="{<e att="{"3"}"/>}"/> which are currently legal
but rather useless.
(b) one that uses a bit more XML markup, e.g. giving an alternative
XML-based syntax for prolog declarations like "import schema" and for
function signatures.
(c) the full (non-human-readable) fine-grained XQueryX syntax.
Since we already have (c), I think the main requirement is probably for
something like (a) (though (b) would give benefits if people want a
compromise between human-readability and software-readability).
One of the challenges is in defining how the in-scope namespaces from the
containing XML document should affect the static context of the query.
Michael Kay

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