[xquery-talk] [ANN] XQuery as a scripting language in IE

Florent Georges lists at fgeorges.org
Fri Mar 27 15:05:02 PST 2009

COUTHURES Alain wrote:

> >  I think there are three possible styles of XML
> > representation:

> >  (a) one that looks as much as possible like current
> > human-readable XQuery. [...]

> >  (b) one that uses a bit more XML markup, e.g. giving an
> > alternative XML-based syntax for prolog declarations like
> > "import schema" and for function signatures. [...]

> In my point of view, benefits with (a) would be less than with
> (b). Grammar analysis is much easier with XML markup. I would
> like XQuery XML notation to be at the same level as XSLT.

  Well, as David said this would then be mostly XSLT.  And if the
aim is to ease machine processing we have XQueryX (and David's
xq2xml.)  I think (a) had been more cruelly missing to integrate
queries in XML documents (for XML pipelines, to wrap queries to
send to a database, to write queries in an application config
file, etc.)

  Do you have any precise example for (b)?


Florent Georges


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