[xquery-talk] [ANN] MXQuery 0.6.0 released

Peter Fischer peter.fischer at inf.ethz.ch
Thu May 7 20:57:25 PDT 2009

Dear all,

it my pleasure to announce the availability of MXQuery 0.6.0.

MXQuery is a lightweight, feature-complete XQuery processor available 
under the Apache 2.0 license. It runs on a variety of Java environments, 
including mobile/embedded platforms such as CLDC/MIDP.

Please go to http://mxquery.org to get Binaries, Source and 

MXQuery supports XQuery 1.0 (including Schema + Modules), parts of 
XQuery 1.1, the XQuery Update Facility 1.0, XQuery/XPath Fulltext 1.0 
(partially) and the XQuery Scripting Extension 1.0 (experimental). It 
provides extensions for SOAP Import/Export, REST Import/HTML Tidy import 
and Data Stream/CEP processing.

The summary changelog compared to the last release (0.4.1.) is as follows:
     * Support for XML Schema
     * Full Support for XQuery 1.0 (99.6 % compliance)
     * Full Support for XQuery Update Facility 1.0 (>99 % compliance)
     * Support for selected XQuery 1.1 features (windowing, try/catch)
     * Support for XQuery and XPath Full Text 1.0 (partial, experimental)
     * Support for XQuery Scripting 1.0 (experimental)
     * Support for Web Service (SOAP) import and export (at module level)
     * Support for REST import/calls (same interfaces as Zorba)
     * Support for Tidying HTML (using Tagsoup, same interfaces as Zorba)
     * (almost) complete support for XQJ
     * Support for DOM, SAX, StAX parsers
     * Support for XDM Serialization (most parameters now supported)
     * Integration of the SMS Stream Store
     * Support for running continuous XQuery expressions (streaming)
     * Refactored Java API with Javadoc and extensive set of examples
     * New command line interface, exposing most of the functionality of 
the Java API
     * Packaging: Standalone, within a application server container, 
mobile devices

Best Regards,
Dr. Peter Fischer              Systems Group/D-INFK/ETH Zurich
peter.fischer at inf.ethz.ch		 Tel: +41/44/632 36 16
http://www.dbis.ethz.ch/people/petfisch       	     CAB F56.1

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