[xquery-talk] return only latest version of an item

A. Steven Anderson steve at asanderson.com
Thu May 14 19:14:00 PDT 2009

> I thought Pavel's suggestion was just fine and, indeed, the result is more
> than one item (transcript below).

Something must be lost in my translation from my real data to this
simplified example, because it definitely doesn't work with my real data.  I
only get 1 result.

> Find another processor?

I'm not sure which processor exist-db 1.2.5 is using out of the box and if
it can be swapped.

> BTW, your data set happens to have steadily increasing version values for
> each <id>.  If it is true that the last of each <id> has the highest
> version, this might execute even faster because it has no function call:
>  /items/item[not(id=following-sibling::item[1]/id)]

Thanks, but the real data isn't guaranteed to be in this order.  It was just
a simplified example.

Thanks for the responses though!

A. Steven Anderson
Independent Consultant
steve at asanderson.com
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