[xquery-talk] XML to TEXT OUTPUT with xQUERY

Julio de la Vega j.vega at helpprintsolutions.com
Fri Dec 3 10:20:50 PST 2010


Hi *,


I need to process and xml file with xQuery and generate a text file with the
result of my xquery. In my tests I have several issues:


-          Do I have to do it with string function or is there other option?

-          I need to give an specific format to the output but I cannot
control line feeds. Is it possible to insert  line feed with any command?

-          Do we have to use xslt instead of xquery? Is there any option to
do it with xquery?



Little example ot the actual development:


for $metadata  in doc('Estadisticas')/MetaData



string($metadata/Partition/Attr[@name= 'CurrentPackageInPartition']/@value),


string($metadata/Partition/Attr[@name= 'TotalPagesinDocument']/@value),



Thanks in advance





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