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David Lee dlee at calldei.com
Wed Nov 24 13:38:40 PST 2010

Funny you should ask, I stumbled on this literally a few days ago while
implementing the QName function for xmlsh




The results were not obvious but they did make sense.   I didn't dig into
the specs, but what Saxon does (and now xmlsh which uses saxon) makes sense.
When converting a QName to a string, the same thing takes place as if you
were to create an attribute or element.

If there's a prefix its used and if not no prefix is used. The URI is

So your result produces 




Eg. in xmlsh (which calls saxon's xquery)


$ echo <[ <a>{ QName("uri","local") }</a> ]>



I think this makes perfect sence *in hindsight*







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I am 14 years into XQuery, and this language still puzzles me.

(I guess we need the surprise factor to keep the interest alive :-)


What do people think the following query 


<a>{ QName("uri","local") }</a>


(a) does return according to the spec


(b) should return based on your own user expectation ?



Is everybody OK with the current specification ? Any opinions ?


Thanks in advance, best regards





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