[xquery-talk] xquery library design

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Tue Dec 27 15:35:09 PST 2011

On 27/12/2011 23:13, Jakob Fix wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm about to write an xquery library and I'm curious whether there are
> best practices around regarding the inclusion of other library modules
> (a quick Google search didn't turn up anything useful).
> In particular, I'm interested in how one would implement this:
> - a library module (out of several)
>    that uses configuration data specific for each application it is used in, and
>    that itself makes use of lower-level functions.
A lot depends on whether you want to allow multiple "applications" 
(clients of your library) to coexist. If you don't, you can put the 
configuration data in global variables, which makes things a lot 
simpler. If you do, you will need a "context" or "configuration" 
argument added to each relevant function.

Michael Kay

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