[xquery-talk] Getting a bare & and > into HTML for Javascript

Ghislain Fourny gfourny at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Jul 20 08:58:07 PDT 2011

Hi David,

I am assuming you are using HTML, not XHTML, since if I am correct, XHTML would recognize the & entity reference. In HTML, entity references in the script tag are not parsed. In XHTML they are.

I guess a possibility could be to use a CDATA section that is ignored by JavaScript, like so (in your XQuery code):

<script type="text/javascript">
// <cdata-section><![CDATA[
(: code generation here :)
// ]]></cdata-section>

and to tell the XQuery engine to serialize the contents of the element <cdata-section/> using a CDATA section, using the cdata-section-elements XML output method:


That way, JavaScript would see the intended code - you need to make sure that ]]> does not appear in your JavaScript code though, otherwise there will be extra CDATA tags that the browser will not understand.

Does this help?

Kind regards,

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