[xquery-talk] Convert diacritics to low-ascii

Geert Josten geert.josten at daidalos.nl
Tue Jun 21 05:33:11 PDT 2011

Thanx Andy!

Works just fine in XQuery too. But have to admit that it looks a bit funny to me. Replace something with nothing and still end up with all characters? Can anyone explain what this \p{M} is matching? Unicode spec isn't making it much clearer to me.. :-P

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If you are using XSLT 2.0 then convert the string to Unicode NFD or NFKD with normalize-unicode, then use regex replace with a unicode category to remove the diacritics. For example: 

<xsl:variable name="text" as="xsd:string" select="replace(normalize-unicode('abcdëf', 'NFD'), '[\p{M}]', '')" /> 

Hope that helps, Andy

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Does anyone know a simple trick to convert characters like é and ä to their low-ascii counterparts?

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