[xquery-talk] Elegant form of testing for () and ''

David Lee dlee at calldei.com
Sat Mar 5 07:08:32 PST 2011

Thanks Mike, so obvious in hindsight.

But I had always just considered   

                /path/string()   == string(/path)


but its not !  if /path isnt found then the result is () for /path/string()
but not for string(()) 

So obvious !



( now time to rewrite ALL my xquery code :)




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I've used this test


declare function local:getname( $e ) as xs:string


       let $name := $e/name/string()


if( $name ne '' ) then $name else "<untitled>"



If you used string($e/name) instead of $e/name/string(), then the result
would be "" (zero-length string) both when name doesn't exist and when name
has the value "". 

You can then either do

if ($name) then $name else "<untitled>"

or the more idiomatic

($name[.], "<untitled>")[1]

Michael Kay

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