[xquery-talk] Re: XQuery-based Java Unit tests?

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Wed Mar 9 23:24:16 PST 2011

> Michael, your report on the testing via XPath assertions against the query
> result is interesting and comes very close to what I imagined. I have not yet
> understood if the tool launching the tests and evaluating the results according
> to the test configuration you showed is an official W3C testing tool, an
> internal Saxonica tool, or perhaps neither of them.
It's a format that Saxonica is proposing to W3C.
> Final note: I wonder if there is a rationale behind confining assertions to
> XPath expressions, rather than the more general alternative - XQuery
> expressions.
Part of the aim is to have an XPath test suite that isn't dependent on 
XQuery. Most of the assertions are very simple and I haven't seen any 
need to use XQuery in this role. XPath is also easier to embed in XML. 
But of course you could use XQuery if you needed to.

Michael Kay

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