[xquery-talk] A library of data cleaning functions for XQuery at XML Prague 2011

Helena Galhardas helena.galhardas at ist.utl.pt
Sat Mar 26 09:17:39 PST 2011


We are presenting our proposal of a library of data cleaning functions  
for XQuery as a poster
at XML Prague 2011.

You may want to check what we have to say at the short poster  
presentations today at 3:10 pm and
then today and tomorrow, at 3:30 pm, during the poster sessions.

A first version of the data cleaning XQuery library is available at:
under the name of "data cleaning" (the code itself is reachable from  
the documentation).

The library is written in pure XQuery 1.0 code, and available under  
the Apache 2.0 license.

A more recent and richer version of the library will be available in  
the next couple of weeks.

We are looking forward to feedback and suggestions!

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