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David Lee dlee at calldei.com
Wed May 11 04:27:45 PDT 2011

XSD is complex especially in the presence of types and imports.
What I did to accomplish a similar thing was to preprocess the XSD with the
Apache Schema API and produce a "simpler" XML file which was more amenable
to querying.
But "simpler" means less information.  I extracted what I wanted and omitted
the rest.   The Apache Schema API will handle resolving types and let you
start with all global elements and walk down through the structure to all
child elements and attributes even as it crosses type, inherited, and import


David A. Lee
dlee at calldei.com

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently looking for a xQuery Script that allows to query an XML 
Schema file. I'm writing an XML-Editor that allows the user to mark up 
text. When the user selects parts of the XML he/she should see all 
possible Elements which he/sche can insert. I have the context of the 
selection as a XPath. No I'm looking fpr an XQuery Script that querys an 
XSD an gives back all possible children elements.

Has anyone seen, tried, implemented  or  thought of somthing like this?

Thanks Daniel


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