[xquery-talk] sorting problem

Rademacher, Gunther Gunther.Rademacher at softwareag.com
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It can be done using tokenize() and matches() by directly translating your requirements into a list of ordering specifications:

    for $string in
      "11 Aug. 2°",
      "10 Aug. 4°",
      "3.1.1 Aug. 2°",
      "A Aug. 2°",
      "1 Weiss."
    order by
      tokenize($string, " ")[2],
      tokenize($string, " ")[3],
      matches($string, "^[A-Za-z]") descending,
      number(tokenize($string, "[. ]")[1])
    return $string

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considered strings like these:

11 Aug. 2°
10 Aug. 4°
3.1.1 Aug. 2°
A Aug. 2°
1 Weiss.

How would I sort them using XQuery according to this succession

- letters in the middle first (Aug etc)
- the sizes (2° etc)
- "front" letters before numbers
- numbers according to their position before the dots

Sorting result for the examples above would then be:

A Aug. 2°
3.1.1 Aug. 2°
11 Aug. 2°
10 Aug. 4°
1 Weiss.

Would that be done best with tokenize() or matches()?

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