[xquery-talk] [ANN] xquerydoc - help testing

James Fuller james.fuller.2007 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 07:45:21 PDT 2011

If you are on Mac or ( u | li )/nux Can I ask that you test xquerydoc ?

Have updated to use latest calabash, added an install script and
generally made things work (previously versions were broken).

I) download xquerydoc (or git clone) from https://github.com/xquery/xquerydoc

II) cd to top level xquerydoc directory

III) run from terminal

make install

(note this will also install latest calabash which you will need to
make sure 'calabash' is on the system path)

IV) try xquerydoc out .... run from terminal

xquerydoc src/xquery docstest html

You should now have generated html into the docstest directory from
xquerydoc own source.

* not recursing into nested directories
* need windows .bat files
* need to expand xqdoc parsing

thx, Jim Fuller

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