[xquery-talk] XML/XQuery academic conferences ?

David Lee dlee at calldei.com
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1) What are "the other problems" with Balisage ?
2) What qualifies as "academic cloud" (clout?).

Way back when I was in collage Software of any kind wasn't considered
"academic" ... it was considered 'beneath the level' of any true academic
... which is probably why I dont look to PhD's when I'm looking for a good
software person.

Maybe there simply isn't something the Ivory Tower considers "worthy" in the
study of XQuery ?

But back to reality .. 
I'd certainly recommend Balisage.   There's been PhD people who have
published papers there and had official sanctions from their universities to
do so.  So at least for some combination of people & universities it

David A. Lee
dlee at calldei.com

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Dear all,

I am having a problem right now, and I don't know how to solve it.

We had over the summer several outstanding students, who did
really great research in processing XML and XQuery.

Here comes the question. Where can we publish the result of this  
research  !?

1. I know that there is XML Prague (and that would be my first choice  
given the
skill of the audience).

But the problem with XML Prague is that it doesn't have (yet) the  
"cloud". Students don't get PhDs because they published there, and  
professors don't get
tenure. (whether the world is well organized and why doesn't happen is  
a completely
different topic -- but that's the reality).

In a CV for an application for a professor position for Stanford  you  
can put it at best in the category:
hobbies and other activities, despite the fact that the work is  
technically equally challenging, if not more.

Balisage is another option, but has other problems.

2. Database conferences.

Unfortunately those guys don't understand much about XML. In fact they  
are strongly convinced
that XML/XQuery is totally dead  (just went to a Stanford professor  
talk that said just that, and Stonebreaker
says something along the same lines on a regular basis in the NoSQL  

So they'll not understand the XQuery new work, let alone publish it.

3. Functional programming conferences (after all, XQuery is a  
functional language..). Maybe it's a choice !?
I have no experience, but I am interested to hear if anybody else has.

4. WWW Conference. Based on my experience, it's such a wide conference  
--- it's like a conference on water
-- where do you start !? As a result the audience, as well as the  
program committee, is interested in widely different
  things (and XML/XQuery might not be one of them, and then you are  
out of luck)

5. NoSQL conferences. Unfortunately, there are two problems. First,  
NoSQL is still not accepted in academic conferences
-- they have the same problem as XML itself. And second, they try to  
stay away from XML like crazy ("angle brackets, not cool, 
man, not cool. Not Web scale.").

So, I am interested in your feedback.

- Where is the "research center of gravity" of this community ?

- How can we stimulate young smart researchers to work on interesting  
and hard problems if they cannot value
this work for their carrier ?

Any feedback appreciated, thanks

talk at x-query.com

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