[xquery-talk] XML/XQuery academic conferences ?

daniela florescu dflorescu at mac.com
Wed Oct 12 15:15:41 PDT 2011

> If they weren't any software academics,  there would be no software  
> professors,
> and if there are no software professors, there will be no  software  
> students. If there are no students,
> there is no critical mass.
> Etc. Etc. Etc. The vicious circle.
> ------------------------------------------------
> --- David
> Disagree
> Some of the greatest software developers in the world have had no formal
> education.
> Many more have had formal education in non-software fields.

David, that's just funny. In many aspects, maybe that's the reason for the horrible today's IT mess:
"I just throw some stuff up there, some pile of PhP in top of some SQL, in top of some Java, in top
of JSON/XML, in top of of some whatever....... just glue it together somehow ..... It just works."

Until it doesn't anymore.

What can I say. Good luck. I really hope that you live in a house built by someone with  no formal architectural 
education or you drive on highways built by someone with no formal training in building roads,
or  you have a doctor ..... whatever .....(not that I didn't hear about  Buckminster Fuller , but such people are in the large minority).


Dear people on this thread with formal education in software fields,

If you know how to program, and you understand how to build a buffer manager, and a lock manager, and able to calculate 
the complexity of an algorithm,  or how to write an  automatic paralellization algorithm for a functional language, or how to write
 an automatic detection of indexes algorithm, or other mundane stuff like that, there is hope for you.

We'll talk to you, just send us email . 

In the meantime, if we find a way to teach the foundation behind markup languages, functional languages as database queries, 
and other stuff like that, in major universities, that would be awesome.

Best regards

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