[xquery-talk] XML/XQuery academic conferences ?

Ken North kennorth at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 13 11:42:55 PDT 2011

>> In the '50's, computer science did not exist officially at the 
>>science-intensive institution of MIT

Although the ACM was founded in 1947, the first student chapter wasn't formed 
until 1960.

I once took an assembly language programming class that was taught by someone 
who'd been programming computers in the 1950s.
His descriptions of that era sounded as though programmers were members of a 
small select group or club. He knew a 'member' in El Paso, a few in Boston and 
D.C. and so on. It sounded like there were so few that he knew most people in 
the US who were programming.

How many computers were there?

The IBM 1401, introduced in 1958, was IBM's most popular mid-sized computer. IBM 
sold 13,000 over the next eight years.

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