[xquery-talk] strange results sequence operators

Andrew Welch andrew.j.welch at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 06:43:27 PDT 2012

>   Those operators return results in document order, and they come
> from different documents, so it's undefined.

Good point (the elements without a common parent arent siblings
gotcha), but I'm not sure that applies here... for example:

let $number1 := <number>1</number>
let $number2 := <number>2</number>
let $number3 := <number>3</number>
let $seq1 :=  ($number1, $number2)
let $seq2 := ($number2, $number3)

return $seq1 except $seq2

That always has to return <number>1</number>... both sequences refer
to same $number2 even it exists in different documents to 1 and 3.
What am I missing?

Andrew Welch

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