[xquery-talk] let's comment out a line in XQuery

Michael Seiferle ms at basex.org
Wed Dec 19 23:41:05 PST 2012

Hi jidanni,

Your particular line does not cause an error here. Tried it with the BaseX live demo (online).

Your query indicates it consists of at least 26 lines, could you provide the whole query, or even better an ssce?

We are using comments in XQuery on a day to basis, so I hope you're only provided with a misleading error message :-)


Am 20.12.2012 um 06:45 schrieb jidanni at jidanni.org:

> Geez, all I wanted to do was comment out a line:
> (: <coordinates>120.865225,24.181802</coordinates> :)
> But now I have to make it
> (: 120.865225,24.181802 :)
> or else I get
> $ basex noise.xq > noise.kml
> Stopped at line 26, column 46 in /home/jidanni/mapping/kml/noise.xq:
> [XPTY0004] Single item expected, (120.865225,24.181802, 120.865201,24.181712) found.
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