[xquery-talk] [ANN] BaseX 7.1: The XMLPrague 2012 Edition

Christian Grün christian.gruen at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 15:42:07 PST 2012

Dear all,

three months have passed, and we are now proud to release the
XMLPrague 2012 Edition of BaseX! These are some of the new exciting
features (a full list is attached below):

* GUI: the management of your databases, documents & binary files and
  index structure has got easier than ever before!
* JSON: import, query and export your JSON data via XQuery, REST, or
  on command line!
* Incremental Indexing: update your text and attributes index in realtime!
* Enhanced Path Statistics: retrieve distinct values of location paths
  in constant time!
* New XQuery functions to simplify database, full-text, index, and
  repository access
* New XQuery 3.0 Features: support for EQNames, namespace constructors, etc.
* Revised Command-Line API: process multiple inputs or commands in one run
* Document Index: improved update performance

BaseX is a light-weight, high-performance and scalable XML Database
and XPath/XQuery Processor, including full support for the W3C Update
and Full Text extensions. An interactive and user-friendly GUI
frontend gives you great insight into your XML documents and
collections. BaseX is platform independent, fully Open Source
(BSD-licensed) and backed by commercial services. And what's best: it
is easy to use and runs straight out of the box!

We hope you have fun with our latest release, and we're looking
forward to your feedback, and seeing some of you in Prague!

BaseX Team

BaseX 7.1 Feature List:

* improved document management: hierarchical view of databases resource
* easier index creation/removal and database optimization
* JSON/JsonML parser added
* editor: updated and reopened files are reverted from disk

* automatic XML conversion of popular content types (JSON/JsonML, CSV, HTML)

* new index module for directly accessing database index structures
* new repository module to manage EXPath packages via XQuery
* db:list-details() returns information on the database resources
* db:content-type() retrieves the content-type of a specific database resource
* ft:tokens() returns full-text tokens stored in the index
* ft:tokenize() tokenizes a given input string
* util:path() returns the path to the (currently executed) query file
* util:time() prints the time needed to evaluate a given expression
* util:mem() prints the allocated memory for evaluating a given expression
* expanded QNames, computed namespace constructors

* multiple query files and -c/-i/-q flags can now be specified

* ID/Pre mapping, incremental indexing of value index structures
* document index fix: correct replacement of existing documents
* document index: faster updates

* ADDRAW: add new resources as raw files if not filtered by CREATEFILTLER
* MAXLEN: max. length of strings to be added to the index structures
* MAXCATS: max. number of distinct values stored in statistics
* UPDINDEX: turn on incremental index updates for value indexes
* improved BINDINGS option

* improved log output if query iterator is used
* new ActionScript API (thanks to Manfred Knobloch!)

* a project specific "newline" parameter specifies the type of newline
to be used

* modified KILL command accepts IP:port combination to specify target

* Bahasa Indonesian: thanks to Andria Arisal!
* Mongolian: thanks to Tuguldur Jamiyansharav!

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