[xquery-talk] Add value to result before a for loop

Martin Honnen Martin.Honnen at gmx.de
Wed Jul 18 07:04:17 PDT 2012

Gary Larsen wrote:

> let $hdr := concat('Id',  codepoints-to-string(9), 'Name',
> codepoints-to-string(10))
> let $body := for $i in $doc/item return
> concat($i/id,  codepoints-to-string(9), $i/name,  codepoints-to-string(10))
> return string-join($hdr, $body)

Michael had the right suggestion
   return string-join(($hdr, $body), '')
where the first argument to string-join is the sequence
   ($hdr, $body)
and the second argument to separator string.


	Martin Honnen --- MVP Data Platform Development

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