[xquery-talk] comment out all the rest of the program

Mike Sokolov sokolov at ifactory.com
Fri Mar 9 10:39:44 PST 2012

The idea of a "comment to end of file" concept is unusual.  But "comment 
to beginning of file" - that's something I think we could all really get 

-Mike Sokolov

On 03/09/2012 03:13 AM, Michael Kay wrote:
> >You see I sadly miss the ability to add # to comment one line =bla
> I guess every programming language has some individual features which 
> will be sorely missed by someone coming to XQuery from that particular 
> language. (I still pine after a language that allowed spaces in 
> variable and function names). The consequence of this line of 
> reasoning is that XQuery should offer every feature that has been 
> offered by every other popular programming language.
> Personally, I've never come across a "comment to end of file" feature 
> in any of the many languages I have used, and have never felt a need 
> for it. As for "comment to end of line", we made a conscious decision 
> that in many of the environments where XQuery is likely to be used, 
> line endings are potentially unstable (e.g. they can be normalized 
> away if used in XML attributes) and that it was therefore a bad idea 
> to treat a line ending differently from a space.
> Michael Kay
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