[xquery-talk] [ANN] BaseX 7.2: The EDBT Release

Christian Grün christian.gruen at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 10:29:34 PST 2012

Dear all,

after some busy weeks, we are glad to announce BaseX 7.2, the EDBT
Release! The latest version offers the following new features:

* support for the new RESTXQ API for building XQuery web services [1]
* improved support for running BaseX as web application [2]
* XQuery: higher order functions added to speed up Top-K queries [3]
* proxy server settings added [4]
* advanced TagSoup options added for importing HTML files [5]
* XQuery: faster traversal of full-text index entries via ft:tokens() [6]
* Command-line: embedded readline and history support via JLine [7]
* XQuery 3.0: annotation added, updated EQName syntax (Q{uri}name)
* opened databases are now pinned OS-wide to reduce write conflicts
* HTML5 serialization of query results
* a printable version of our Wiki documentation

As usual, more infos can be found on our homepage [8]. All your
feedback is welcome. If you will be attending the EDBT Conference next
week, we are looking forward to seeing you there,

BaseX Team 2012

[1] http://docs.basex.org/wiki/RESTXQ
[2] http://docs.basex.org/wiki/Web_Application
[3] http://docs.basex.org/wiki/Higher-Order_Functions_Module#hof:top-k-by
[4] http://docs.basex.org/wiki/Options#PROXYHOST
[5] http://docs.basex.org/wiki/Parsers#Options
[6] http://docs.basex.org/wiki/Full-Text_Module#ft:tokens
[7] http://jline.sourceforge.net/
[8] http://basex.org/

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