[xquery-talk] xquery technology now ready?

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Wed Dec 11 06:27:53 PST 2013

On 10/12/2013, Christian Grün <christian.gruen at gmail.com> wrote:
>> From all the recommendations, is it correct to assume that a dedicated
>> web server will need to be used, where permissions are provided to
>> install these various software products?
> If you simply want to learn the language, there is no need to look out
> for professional hosting solutions. Some XQuery implementations come
> with their own web server code, and they are often pretty light-weight
> (and can also be run locally). As Adam indicated, if you are looking
> for open source solutions, you could have a look at BaseX (disclaimer:
> I’m contributing to this project), or eXist-db, which are both easy to
> install, and check out the included examples.

The problem with the general lack of widespread deployment of xquery
is a risk of disappointment similar to xforms. I would like to learn
xquery with the knowledge that practical deployment is possible and
cost effective; otherwise the technology doesn't seem ready yet and so
sql database + sever script language remains the option.

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