[xquery-talk] xquery technology now ready?

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Wed Dec 11 15:08:41 PST 2013

On 11/12/2013, Misztur, Chris <CMisztur at macleanfogg.com> wrote:
> And I'll be happy to help you work through your solution.  What kind of app
> did you have in mind?

My scenario is barely an application ;)

I want to be able to use the example list of books in the web site
tutorial 'w3schools' and create a demonstration of xquery.

The desired result is an xhtml web page that features a simple menu
list using an html form element 'select'. A user selects a book title,
then further meta-data (author, publisher etc. that is stored as the
xml document "database") appears in another web page.

So far, 'jedit' with the xml plug-ins (xquery, xml, xslt) activated
has been used and an xhtml page was created by the transformation
function in jedit (proving my rudimentary understanding of xpath ;) )

Originally I thought that xquery could be used like xsl; open an xml
file using a web browser that refers to the xslt file that also refers
to an xq file and voila, result! Unfortunately not; once I realised
xquery needs a server, that led me here. So much next step is to try
the various software mentioned in this thread and find out which will
be the easiest for me to install and use on my old computer.

Will ask again nearer the time; thanks very much!

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