[xquery-talk] xquery technology now ready?

Adam Retter adam.retter at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 11 15:59:27 PST 2013

How about using http://xqib.org/

On 11 December 2013 23:08, e-letter <inpost at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11/12/2013, Misztur, Chris <CMisztur at macleanfogg.com> wrote:
>> And I'll be happy to help you work through your solution.  What kind of app
>> did you have in mind?
> My scenario is barely an application ;)
> I want to be able to use the example list of books in the web site
> tutorial 'w3schools' and create a demonstration of xquery.
> The desired result is an xhtml web page that features a simple menu
> list using an html form element 'select'. A user selects a book title,
> then further meta-data (author, publisher etc. that is stored as the
> xml document "database") appears in another web page.
> So far, 'jedit' with the xml plug-ins (xquery, xml, xslt) activated
> has been used and an xhtml page was created by the transformation
> function in jedit (proving my rudimentary understanding of xpath ;) )
> Originally I thought that xquery could be used like xsl; open an xml
> file using a web browser that refers to the xslt file that also refers
> to an xq file and voila, result! Unfortunately not; once I realised
> xquery needs a server, that led me here. So much next step is to try
> the various software mentioned in this thread and find out which will
> be the easiest for me to install and use on my old computer.
> Will ask again nearer the time; thanks very much!

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