[xquery-talk] XQuery 3 try/catch and duplicate attributes

David Sewell dsewell at virginia.edu
Thu Dec 19 10:21:08 PST 2013

I'm trying to clean up some old code of ours that is throwing server errors when 
fed buggy data. To simplify greatly, the code is something like this:

let $element := <el att1="one" att2="two">text</el>
return element new {
   attribute id { "new-id" },

where the content of $element comes from XML data where <el> is not supposed to 
carry an @id attribute. Of course if the data is buggy and $element has a child 
@id, the above code throws a dynamic error (XQDY0025, duplicate attribute 

I naively thought this might be a quick fix to prevent runtime errors:

xquery version "3.0";
let $element := <el att1="one" att2="two" id="old-id">text</el>
return element new {
   try {attribute id { "new-id" }} catch * {()},

but it doesn't trap the error (in any XQuery 3 processor I've checked). The 
try/catch will work only if put around the entire element constructor.

Can someone who understands the 3.0 spec better than I do explain the general 
principle behind this? Is it that the processor cannot be expected to evaluate 
the legality of the constructed element until all its parts have been assembled?


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