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David Lee dlee at calldei.com
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Its  useful to consider "layers" of software.

XQuery itself is a data processing language with very minimal (almost none) support for application level services.  
This is like C or core Java or basic languages ... the language itself doesnt have support for application services (http, web services etc).
Those are supplied by infrastrucdture, frameworks, libraries or other products.

XQuery is *embedded* into many products that DO support these services.
Like C or Java.   Java as a language by itself knows nothing about web servers , but Java inside of a J2EE environment (like Tomcat or JBoss) does.
Same with XQuery.

So when you are looking for app sevice support you generally are exiting the realm of pure XQuery and entering the realm of a particular host framework.

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On 21/12/2013, Adam Retter <adam.retter at googlemail.com> wrote:
> XQuery has no support for processing or responding to HTTP requests, 
> this is what RESTXQ is trying to solve.

Again, this is surprising; was expecting to re-visit the w3 web site to find another x... to review! ;)

> If you would like some background I would recommend reading the paper 
> from the XML Prague 2012 conference, it's available in the proceedings 
> or at my website www.adamretter.org/presentations.xml.

UK domain required in the URL: www.adamretter.org.uk/presentations.xml
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