[xquery-talk] ANN Zorba.io 2.9 -- Bringing 'SQL' to NOSQL

daniela florescu dflorescu at mac.com
Mon Jun 24 16:10:20 PDT 2013

Dear semi-structured data fans,

we have the pleasure to announce Zorba 2.9 - IO.  zorba.io

Three main features characterize this new release:

1. A better, simpler, cleaner version of JSONiq, and a better integration with the XML/XQuery counterpart
2. High Order Functions and
3.High level ( 99.1%) Conformance for the  W3C XQuery 3.0 Test Suite

For more information please check out of the 2.9 blog entry http://www.zorba.io/blog/

For the full change log (that's a long list of functionality, optimizations, and bug fixes) please check https://launchpadlibrarian.net/142881735/ChangeLog

Happy coding, and, as usual, feedback is appreciated.

Best regards

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