[xquery-talk] XQuery 3.0: formatting integers

Yoshi Okamoto yoshiokamoto at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 10 07:31:52 PST 2013

Dear readers,

I have a question regarding the new fn:format-integer() function of XQuery. I noticed that the implementations I tried give me different results for various queries. This is one example:

  format-integer(-1, '#####12.3')

The results are:

* Saxon: -0.0.1
* BaseX, XMLPrime: -00.1

* Zorba: -1

Does someone know what is the correct result? I spent about one hour in the Functions and Operators 3.0 specification to finally confess that I did not manage to sort out the relevant details. This is the text I read:


Maybe someone in the community is faster than me? Maybe someone even know the answer by heart? Maybe I should try more implementations? I assume that Michael Kay's Saxon processor is probably the implementation to trust most?

Thank you for reading this, and thank your for sharing your time,

Best regards

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