[xquery-talk] [ANN] Pascal XQuery 1 engine now with JSONiq

Benito van der Zander benito at benibela.de
Thu Mar 28 04:15:50 PST 2013


there is now a new release of my Pascal-based XQuery engine which adds 
JSONiq support.
(not JSONiq Update through, but there is an old global variable 
extension, which can be
used to update some (but not all) object properties without involving 
snapshots )
The XQuery part supports everything of XQuery 1 except xml schemas, and 
static type checking,
with some extensions like pattern matching, global variables or a XPath 
2-restricted mode.

     Main library page:http://www.benibela.de/sources_en.html#internettools

     Online XQuery tester: 

     Command Line Tool: http://videlibri.sourceforge.net/xidel.html

     XQTS Results: 

     (skipping invalid inputs)


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