[xquery-talk] [xml-dev] OT: Suggestion for new OSS SCC site / tool for xmlsh ? SourceForge has gone to the dark side.

John Snelson john.snelson at marklogic.com
Mon Nov 25 06:53:35 PST 2013

Github's pretty good - I used this to become familiar with Git (your 
life will get better ;-)):


The main issue I have is it's lack of release management support. And 
yes, unlike HTML 5 I do believe having release checkpoints benefits 
users. :-)

With a dig at HTML 5, I think this thread is now back on topic, right?


On 25/11/2013 14:42, Michael Sokolov wrote:
> On 11/25/2013 09:23 AM, David Lee wrote:
>> I am so annoyed by this thread and the associated links which seem to
>> clear the FUD
>> http://www.gluster.org/2013/08/how-far-the-once-mighty-sourceforge-has-fallen/
> ...
>> Do I need (want to?) learn "git" ? and move to github ?  My "Git"
>> experience so far has been disappointing (I cant figure it out !  The
>> model makes  no sense and I never know if stuff is checked in or not)
>> I have some projects on google code which has been sufficient and
>> trustworthy as sites go ... but it has that "google owns you"
>> creepiness factor.
> David, I researched these options a year or so ago and concluded it was
> time to learn git/github; however lack of good support for hosting large
> binaries kind of forces you to host those elsewhere. Google code seems
> like the other main option.  I wonder if there isn't a possibility SF
> will right the ship, though?
> About git: you can use git more-or-less like svn, although there are
> definitely extra steps.  One thing I have come to really like about it
> is the ability to commit changes without immediately sharing them with
> the world (you commit, and then push, as two steps). You could do this
> with svn branches, kind of, but they seem so heavyweight and I never
> really use them as much as perhaps I should. I do find myself searching
> stackoverflow every so often when I get into weird git situations.
> -Mike
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